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April 7th 2016 I had another dream. Someone with a Golden Chainsaw tried to cut down an ancient tree at its base, flushed to the ground. The first cut, a blinding light shoots out sparkles and glowed brighter with resistance causing the force behind the chainsaw to stop. The gremlin force in retaliation began attacking tree with nicks up and down the trunk but with each strike another light blinded the attacker. Watching at a safe distance my grandson, ready to defend the tree of life.

#Author, Winner, 2014 #International Book Award, Women's Issues KB Schaller commenting on my book:

Linda: Yours were horrific experiences indeed, but your book is your banner of celebration. I think it is important that we as women, regardless of our station in life, share such stories. Not only are they therapeutic, they let other women in abusive relationships know that they are not alone, that there are others who understand. Congratulations on having the courage to pen these very painful chapters of your life. It is great to know that you have moved on, and, in telling your story, have let other women know that they, too, can overcome.

KB Schaller, Author 100+ Native American Women Who Changed the World.

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